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Frequently Asked Questions

What are flower remedies?

Flower remedies, also commonly called flower essences, carry the vibrational imprint of flowers from across the world stabilized in spring water and brandy. 

How do flower remedies work?

Flower remedies address profound issues of emotional wellbeing, spiritual development, and mind-body health. All flowers have an innate wisdom that when taken work at our subtle body to encourage positive change within ourselves.

How do I take flower remedies?

Flower remedies are taken internally as drops under the tongue. For underlying issues, consistent use improves effectiveness allowing one to fully work through underlaying emotions and thought patterns causing the negative alternate aspect. They can be added to water, coffee, tea to take sips of through out the day as a way to further ritualize the remedy work.

What should I expect when I take flower remedies?

Things will change. This change may be subtle and overtime or it may immediately create peace like when using the Calm No.3 formula. Flower remedies work with you to create lasting change. You may become more aware of feelings and emotions underlying the core issue enabling you to directly face parts of yourself no longer in resonance with who you are becoming. Embrace the journey and know you are being lovingly supported along the way.

Are flower remedies safe to use during pregnancy and nursing?

Absolutely. They do contain trace amounts of alcohol. If that is a concern, please reach out to us and we can specially make an alcohol free remedy for you.

Will flower remedies interfere with my medication or vice versa?

Flower remedies are safe to use in conjunction other healing modalities. They will not interact or interfere with medications and are safe to use together. They are not meant to replace any medications recommended by your healthcare provider. 

Can I take multiple remedies at once?

When working on a systemic concern, taking more than one remedies at a time is not recommended. In each remedy, multiple flower essences are working at an issue from different angles and need time to do their magic. However, for uses that are more "as needed," you can switch between remedies. For instance, taking Calm during a stressful travel day and Dreamweaver in the evening.

Are flower remedies safe for children?

Absolutely. They do contain some alcohol so if that is a concern, reach out to us. We can specially make a remedy alcohol free.

Are flower remedies safe for pets?

Absolutely. One of the best uses of Calm is for pets that tend to be anxious during thunderstorms and fireworks.