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About Me

I was born a nature lover. My mother would wake us up in the middle of the night to swim under the full moon. My grandfather would take me on long hikes making up stories about the hills and trees along the way. In my youth, I would spend weeks on end camping and paddling throughout the Canadian wilderness. These experiences in nature were my first foray into experiencing my inner world and internal resilience. 

While facing personal demons from trauma and depression, flower remedies have helped me shake loose layers of unconscious thought patterns, behaviors that weren’t aligned with who I was meant to be, and have helped to restore a sense of wholeness in my life.

Nature has been a both the catalyst and ally for my personal growth, providing the support of flowers along the way. My wish for anyone doing the hard and wild work of being a human is that they also find comfort and hope with flower remedies. 


With all the love,