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About Me

I was born a nature lover. My mother would wake us up in the middle of the night to swim under the lunar eclipse. My grandfather would take me on long hikes making up stories about the hills and trees along the way. In my youth, I would spend weeks on end camping and paddling through the Canadian wilderness. The essence of being totally alone in nature and yet not feeling alone was my first foray into experiencing my inner world and internal resilience. I paradoxically felt my life's history, pain and felt whole at the same time. This is the realm that flower remedies work. 

Along the path to becoming more ‘me’ and facing personal demons from trauma and depression, flower remedies have helped me work through many intense and dark times. They helped me to shake loose layers of unconscious thought patterns and behaviors that weren’t aligned with who I’m meant to be. They have been an ally in personal growth, a catalyst for deep and lasting change, and have helped to restore balance and wholeness in my life. Of course, I am a work in progress. New lessons come, older traumas surface, but that’s the beauty of experiencing life and becoming more conscious. My wish is for anyone doing the hard work of making sense of their inner world to find comfort and hope with flower remedies. 


With all the love,